The brief: Try to create a logo that a good designer would be happy with. Try to be a “Designers Designer”. Something a little technical.

The Brief: Design a new portfolio site that can be built as a SPA (Single Page Application).

Portfolio- App Home Page Image

The Brief: Search online for well known architects in Brisbane. Re-design their site. The design should have impact and stand out, to attract customers for them. Be creative and try to break some rules.

(Work in Progress)

BGD Architects UI Design

The Brief: Shoot nice photos on any camera technology available including mobile phones.

Bay of Fires - Tasmania

The Brief: Produce a website design used to persuade an agency that I am suitable for a position with them. Choose one of their clients and create a re-design of their site.

WP-Portfolio-Form And Function Clinic

The brief: Logo Design – Create a series of logos over time, using different design tools. The designs will need to continually improve. Make sure you look at the existing branding and aim to improve the current identity.
(Work in Progress)


The Brief: Old & creative work of mine.

Visual Art

The Brief: Create a logo for an interesting app idea that I could possibly build. Keep it clean, game like, but more importantly a good representation of the app idea.

(Work in Progress)

The Brief: Collaborate with a client to assist them with design, SEO/SEM and development work. Build relationships. Freelance work.

Fun Tassie Tours

The Brief: Create a UI Design of SharePoint, one of Microsoft’s products.


The Brief: Create a poster design while at university to promote “The Inventory”. The Inventory is a creative space within Brisbane city.

Change The World With Your Ideas Poster

The Brief: Produce varied, creative, print work.

Phi Print Design