Q Pilates

My long time client Q Pilates are now on Google page rank 1 & for the competitive search term Pilates Brisbane. They also feature page 1 on Google Maps. Q Pilates are also page one for a variety of other search terms.

This has been since 2014 optimising the website with many different search engine optimisation strategies. With Q Pilates blog updated regularly by the great team at Q Pilates I look forward to them staying at the top of the Google page rankings, but most importantly is that they will stay on page one. Google quite often changes position ranks within the SERPS so page one should always be the reasonable goal.

You can visit the Q Pilates website here. 

Better yet, Google pilates Brisbane 🙂



Q Pilates

Q Pilates




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Ben Graham

on Tuesday, 12th August, 2014.

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