Sticky Notes

The Problem: When non-designers make design decisions, when non-physicians play “Doctor Google”, when a “non-financial” advisor gives you financial advice….

Good designers make good design decisions

The Problem: We all from time to time like to think we’re pretty good, irrespective of what may be true from an objective view.

self serving bias

The Problem: People can sometimes respond too quickly and the answer is incorrect or only part of the solution.

Qick to respond, wrong answer!

The Problem: Sometimes we can believe (as truth) what is written, particularly if it’s academic or published from what is presumed an authoritative source.

Studies are the source of all truth

The Problem: Designers tend to get into the habit of practicing design and reading material only on design. I’m a designer, let me design!

i am a designer only, let me design

The Problem: Sometimes we say or think “I like this design” or “I love this design” and the client asks “create something edgy”.

create an edgy design