Create an “Edgy” Design!

The Problem: Sometimes we say or think “I like this design” or “I love this design” and the client asks “create an edgy design”.

The Solution: Justify the design decisions rationally and logically. Try never to take things personally when receiving feedback. If talking about a designers work with them, let them know it’s not personal.

Ask: Is it the best solution for the problem at hand?

Try to understand the design and ideas behind it. Be contextual and provide feedback from what you have learnt about design.

Think and speak about a design technically & then creatively.

Designing can be considered part science and part art…But it’s not art, nor science.

I may “like this design” but this design may have flaws.

Try to be as objective as possible when thinking about and discussing a design (it’s hard!).

  1. Gestalt
  2. Design Principals
  3. Visual Hierarchy