Good designers make good design decisions

The Problem: When non-designers make design decisions, when non-physicians play “Doctor Google”, when a “non-financial” advisor gives you financial advice….

The Answer: A common problem for capable people (there’s lots of us) is from time to time we like to think, I can figure this out, then some how (crazily enough) we think I can do this, then (extraordinarily crazily enough) we can get to the train of thought “I know better”….Hmmm see where I’m going with this!

Physicians study medicine for at least 7 years  (in Australia) or to specialise in a particular field.

I’m also pretty sure a financial advisor knows more about finance and getting a better return than I do.

I have seen this often in life. I see wealthy people on Grand Designs sacking people, not taking advice and thinking “we know best!”, I chuckle every time…


Invariably because of this thinking the project goes downhill, the budget blows out (by a small fortune) and everyone is all of a sudden “upset” and “concerned”. How could this be so?



Designers from time to time get things wrong and need to iterate better solutions….


But often:


  “Good designers make good design decisions”



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