Good designers make good design decisions

The Problem: When non-designers make design decisions, when non-physicians play “Doctor Google”, when a “non-financial” advisor gives you financial advice….

The Solution: A common problem for capable people is from time to time they like to think, “I can figure this out”, then some how (crazily enough) they think “I can do this, then (extraordinarily crazily enough) they can get to the train of thought “I know better”…Hmmm see where I’m going with this!

Physicians study medicine for at least 7 years  (in Australia) or more to specialise in a particular field.

I’m also sure a financial advisor knows more about finance and getting a better return than I do.

Designers can commonly study design for three-four years at university in Australia along with continued ongoing training and development throughout their careers.


I have seen this train-of-thought often in life. I see wealthy people on Grand Designs sacking people, not taking advice and thinking “we know best!”, I chuckle every time…


Invariably because of this thinking the project goes downhill, the budget blows out (by a small fortune) and everyone is all of a sudden “upset” and “concerned”. How could this be so?


Designers from time to time get things wrong and need to iterate better solutions…

But often:


  “Good designers make good design decisions”