I’m a designer, let me design!

The Problem: Designers tend to get into the habit of practicing design and reading material only on design. I’m a designer, let me design!

The Solution: Read and learn about web development or even become the “developers best friend” when designing applications or websites. Speak to many people on the job and find out as much as you can. Know as much as possible about the solution you’re designing for. This means speaking to all kinds of people, knowing different processes, reading documents, searching online and learning sometimes difficult technologies and techniques. This improves design outcomes, the solution and your career. Know how thing’s work (at every level possible). Some of the best designers I’ve worked with get into the good habit of knowing as much as possible about the what they are designing, the teams and clients perspectives. Clients offering perspectives and ideas from personal experiences or skills (outside of design) is a valuable thing.

Build relationships and try (as much as possible) to learn about different areas in relation to design.