Self Serving Bias

The Problem: We all from time to time like to think we’re pretty good, irrespective of what may be true from an objective view. This can lead to a “Legend in your own lunch box” mentality or in terms of psychology can also lead to a self serving bias.

The Solution: Be honest with yourself and realise no matter what accolades you have, if you have any “there’s always going to be someone better at it”. Try to think about and appreciate others more often. I’m pretty sure if I’ve completed a good design, created an app, someone else has too, before I did.

Let’s face it, having a built up ego is bound to fail anyone.

Refrain from illusions and thinking with a self serving bias, it’s a career limiter. Limit expectations and be a team player.

We all can be guilty of this thinking from time to time as it’s a human process of thought. Refrain from this and let others recommend you, if they choose to do so.

Chances are people will know just how small the lunchbox really is.